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The Solr search provider in Sitecore 7 works quite well if the search query contains a single term. However, if the search query contains multiple terms, you will need to tweak your code a little bit to get the expected results.

The following codes performs a search using a query that contains a single term.

 var indexName = "sitecore_web_index";
 var index = ContentSearchManager.GetIndex(indexName);
 using (var context = index.CreateSearchContext())
 var query = "paint";
 var dataQuery = context.GetQueryable()
 .Where(i => i.Title == query);
 var results = dataQuery.GetResults().Hits.Select(h => h.Document);

The Sitecore search provider generates the following Solr query:


However, if you replace the

var query = "paint";


var query = "purple paint";

The generated Solr query will be:

title_t:("purple paint")

If the search query contains whitespace characters, the search provider will automatically wrap the query terms in double quotes. This will cause Solr to skip the query analysers – such as tokenization and stemming. So, it will only return results containing the string “purple paint” in the title, and will fail to match titles such as “purple-paint”, or “purple and red paint” and so on.

In order to work around the whitespace problem, you can implement one of the following solutions:

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